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Google’s New Query Assistant: RankBrain

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Digital Agencies always have its worries when Google announces search algorithm updates. With the new search query revelation,
every marketer sets foot to decipher the effect of this innovation that focus on machine learning.

What is machine learning?

Machine learning is a type of Artificial Intelligence that allows computer to learn on its own feature without any complicated programs, and this has been one of Google’s biggest projects over the decade. They have invested heavily for AI studies for speech, video, translation and now on searches.

Queries have been already interpreted by the new AI system that they have called RankBrain. This has been tested and revealed for the past few months in which keywords typed by people will suggest more related ideas than before. The new system uses Artificial Intelligence that set languages into mathematical interpretation called Vectors in which the computer system can understand instantly. If there is an ambiguous keyword or phrase that isn’t much popular, the machine will extract in-deep guess that has similar definition and will filter the result, thus making Google search engine query easier without exerting much control.

What will be its effect to Digital Marketers?

According to analysis, this will not have its tremendous effect as still; this is dominated by Human Intelligence. It can never run without manual code updates and features on their search algorithms and so with the operating system. This is not the replacement of Google’s Algorithm that is called Hummingbird, but rather an assistant to process fractions of queries. RankBrain is just part of Hummingbird as to explain.


This should not be taken as a great peril to online marketers because this is just an assistant to Google’s searching signal. The best way to earn decent ranking and exposure is to continuously follow search engine policies specifically with Google to avoid penalties and bad reputation.