Google Adwords Advertising Singapore

Managing your Pay Per Click campaigns and getting you the most out of your clicks

When it comes to garnering conversions Google Adwords is one of the most ffective tools. Using our qualified optimization techniques we help increase the onversion ratio of each keyword and reduce cost with market grouping strategies.

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There are two kinds of marketing campaigns when it comes to making your content more visible on the internet. The first one is an organic campaign called Search Engine Optimization. However, this can only fetch results in about 2 months’ to 6 months’ time. This leads us to a more viable strategy called Google Adwords. This service is directly taken from Google and is also called PPC or Pay per Click campaign. The central idea is to win sponsored listing on the top page of Google. We act as smart consultants for the undertaking the Adwords campaign.


How Adwords Works

It works in a simple way and provides invariably good results. To begin, you have to propose a budget to Google (this we do on your behalf acting as consultants) and suggest keywords in an Exact Match or Broad Match category. After the keywords are allocated, Google provides a definite price for them. Your budget is finalized based on this pricing. Now let us suppose that keyword A is being clicked on X times and keyword B being clicked Y times and together (X+Y) covers for your entire budget. In such a case your budget will be exhausted and you will have to reinvest money. However, if your budget is still left after a month, the entire amount is carried forward for the next month.



Apart from the budgeting, the Adwords campaign requires a lot of effort from the consultancy team. We at Web Design Singapore provide you all these services at a very reasonable fee. As a first, we allocate your keywords and also suggest you which Match to go for. We tell you the best time in the day to run the campaign (the peak hours and the low-traffic hours). We also bring to your notice which demography to arrest with a given keyword.


Tracking fake IP addresses

There are also important aspects of rivalries to be taken care of. Just to hamper your Adwords campaign, your rivals may use a fake IP address to sabotage your budget. If they click a lot, naturally your budget will be exhausted before the intended time. We track such fake IPs and report it to Google letting the ball into the court of the master Search Engine. Your entire campaign budget is figured out adding our consultancy fee and the Adwords budget.


How to reach us?

Google Adwords is a viable platform to market your website and we can get it done for you at a very affordable cost. You just need to call us or email us and get the ball rolling.