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Content is key. It sounds like a Cliché but if your website doesn’t have relevant content, it won’t pay off!

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Websites have turned out to be the smartest tool for business owners allowing them three dimensional advantages. As a first, they are information apparatus. Second, they are your own customer service point and at the same time the most effective means of business advertisement.

Websites are one of the most precise impact statements. They are very high on ROIs and can scarcely go unnoticed. A powerful website captures the 15-inch screen space like nothing else and thus it is important to hire the best web designing service. Marketeer creates websites keeping in mind the needs of various businesses.

Other than writing content for your website we can also write press releases, e-articles and newsletters for your company. Our Content writers are well versed with the search engine optimization techniques and understand the importance of exact keyword positioning and are upto date with the tips and tricks of the ever changing Search Engine Alogrithms. We leave no mistake as we check your content twice before it is delivered to you.



Our services include proof-reading, content writing, re-writing and editing. Please don’t forget to mention the purpose of the content before you employ our services as we write different content for websites and the one which has to be published on print materials, as it does and does-not require to be analysed for SEO.

Content Writing Charges

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500 words Professionally written article

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1000 words Professionally written article

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1500 words Professionally written article

To make an order Please provide us the following information with your request:

URL of your Website : So we can have a better idea about your business.

Keywords : The keywords you want us to target in the article.

We also write content for Print Media, for rates please contact us.