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What is Responsive Web Design?

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If you are looking to develop a new website then we are very sure that you have already come across the word “Responsive” or “Responsive websites”.

Well for some the word says it all but others think it’s some technical jargon.

So what is Responsive Web Design? In simple it is an approach that web-designers and digital marketing professionals use to create websites with the purpose of optimal viewing and to promote ease of site navigation without much hassle in scrolling and resizing. For websites with responsive web design, we create a special adaptation layout which adjusts a website’s layout to the screen size of your device.

Lets see what are some advantages of having a responsive website:

The Advantages Of Having A Responsive Website

It is very important for any website that wants to scale business hurdles and other related restraints to include responsive web design to cater for their online users using smartphones and other mobile devices. The following are some of the importance of this web design:

  • Higher Google ranking in terms of SEO. With the intention of being discovered and increasing traffic and leads, every website must work towards the achievement of these goals. This can be made possible with a responsive web design, which helps to rank high in all search engines especially in Google.
  • Increased products and services sales as well as expected revenue. You can easily convert your regular visitors to permanent customers when they are able to access your site from any device without any limitation. This implies increased sales of product and services, which means more sales and revenue.
  • Higher Users’ Experience. With responsive web design, users are happier as they browse your site without any form of restraint. You can be sure of getting them as permanent visitors when they love accessing your site with ease.
  • Time and money saving. Responsive web design helps you to save a considerable time for other ventures instead of wasting time tracking your website using Google analytics. Saving time also means saving money as both go hand in hand. You can be sure of saving money you would have used on mobile development.
  • Saves you from the penalty of content duplication. A responsive web site design helps your site to scale through Google penalty for duplicated contents as such contents are not found by its bots during inspection.
  • Keeps you on top of competitors. A lot of businesses are always confused at the thought of their encroaching competitors, but with a responsive web design, you are not only safe but stay ahead of them.
  • Offline internet browsing. This type of web design helps users to have access to information when they are offline thus enhancing their surfing experience.
  • Ease of online shopping. Responsive web design helps online users to shop with ease from their site irrespective of the device being used, but when you are not using this design, you are losing quite a lot of potential customers that would have purchased your online products.

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